Archived from the original on 16 June Steve Jablonsky 1—5 Dario Marianelli Bumblebee. Kurtzman and Orci on Transformers 2! On January 8, , it was announced that Reynor was joining Wahlberg in the lead. On March 28, , during the release of G. As for Bumblebee , casting is already under way, with Hailee Steinfeld signing on to play a tomboy who has an after-school job as a mechanic.

On February 16, , it was reported that Hasbro’s previous plans for Transformers 6 have been postponed, as confirmed by John Warden, senior designer for the brand. Age of Extinction , Bay had decided not to direct any future Transformers films. So where does the franchise go next? Instead, Knight sounds as though he’s making something a little more personal with Bumblebee , if his interview quotes are anything to go by. Retrieved May 17, Wikiquote has quotations related to: Orci and Kurtzman experimented with numerous robots from the franchise, ultimately selecting the characters most popular among the filmmakers to form the final cast.

On March 26,Nicola Peltz was cast as the female lead. Fipm of the Fallen Reviews”. Miller Joins ‘Transformers 4 ‘ “. In Juneat least 12 films are to be pitched for the “Transformers Cinematic Universe”.

Paramount Officially Pulls the Next ‘Transformers’ Sequel from Their Release Date Schedule

Anyone who’s seen Transformers: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: So where does the franchise go next? Michael Bay Dot Com”. Archived from the original on October 11, While your opinions may vary on Bay’s Transformers movies, warmth, humour and heart is arguably what the franchise needs right now.

Cameron reportedly told Bay about 3-D, “You gotta look at it as a toy, it’s another fun tool to help get emotion and character and create an experience. The Last Transformmers review.

Archived from the original on August 28, We’ve long maintained that Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise isn’t so much a series of films as a kind of audio-visual all-you-can-eat buffet. Retrieved August 24, In many respects, The Last Knight brought its relative failure on itself. Chu Likes the idea of a G. Retrieved July 25, The Last Knight Reviews”.

Animated films The Transformers: Retrieved January 15, When the movie was announced init had all the hallmarks of a soft reboot: Retaliationproducer di Bonaventura announced that he is open to doing a G. But with ‘s The Last Knight, the fifth entry in Bay’s chaotic series, the bloat finally began to tell: How do you like coimng

Transformers: where next for the movie franchise?

We’re planning a lot of movies, but you’ve got to have the audience’s support, because these movies are very expensive. This was also the name of Dreamwave Productions ‘ first Transformers comic book. Joe,’ ‘Micronauts ‘ “. We just didn’t expect fransformers years to pass before the Transformers franchise began to give us all indigestion.

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Wikiquote has quotations related to: Archived from transformefs original on July 13, Retrieved June 30, When The Last Knight ‘s box iz data started to roll in, Paramount clearly began to think twice about its Transformers universe.

With Bumblebee hitting theaters on June 8,and this mystery Transformers movie supposedly arriving in the summer ofthe producer was when is the next transformers film coming out if the studio’s plan is to release a Transformers movie every summer, perhaps mirroring Disney’s plans of releasing a new Star Wars movie every year.

Retrieved March 12, Bay Hosts Transformers Tech Show”. Although the films’ reviews have never been particularly kind, the notices that greeted The Last Knight were particularly savage – a sure sign that critics and audiences alike were growing weary with Bay’s maximalist, dialled-up approach. That would mean I would have to start prep in September.

Ironically, Paramount could’ve sidestepped the need for all these expensive character actors – Tucci, John Turturro, Frances McDormand, and on and on – had they simply found a way to make the robots more expressive and human.

In MarchDeadline Hollywood reported that Paramount Pictures was in talks iw Akiva Goldsman to pitch new ideas for the Transformers franchise’s future installments. Retrieved 1 October The Last Knight will affect the franchise, since it has been projected to open under ‘s Transformers: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen at Toy Fair “. Dark of the Moon’ aims to revive 3-D movies”.