Yoo-Jin complains that he can think of her if he wants. JB is now in charge of making music and is sporting a really ugly perm. Things flashback, just about a minute into the flash forward, and it shows Yoo-Jin purposely screwing up his audition. The two bicker and Rian breaks it up by saying Hae-Sung liked her most. As the idol-in-training teens clash with the current students, rivalries erupt as well as secret crushes and unexpected alliances. He ends his performance by saying that that is all he is right now and that he will go out on his own. Cast – Dream High 2. Yoon Hee Suk Supporting Cast.

Hwang Mi Sun Supporting Cast. What is going on really-were my thoughts. Any recommendations like something like Orange Marmalade? It must’ve been a tough task for you.. However it was and I was pissed. Anyways i stopped watching after Ep 06 and came here to read how it ends. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Things continue with the rest of the team giving heartfelt words and blah blah blah.

And don’t get me started on the school. Shin Hae Sung Kang Sora dreams of a career in music although she only knows it through books rather than actually performing it.

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He then tells her to live out her dreams, because she has put in more effort than him. On the acting scale, both had some wooden actors, though JB managed to double the damage. xream

The whole thing is teasing JYP the real-life person and his old style. Another mini montage of their graduation plays. Things continue with the rest of the team giving heartfelt words and blah blah blah. TV Dream High 2 Episode A bunch of montages, flash forwards, Yoo-Jin exits the idol world, JB can no longer perform, and everyone ends up ddream. I started zoning watch dream high 2 eng sub ep 16. Things cut to her onstage and she blabs about how en view her and her journey and JB and shit.

Hae-Sung had forgotten, but thankfully she stills carries the chopsticks that JB got her.

Dream High Episode 16

Then, she probably must’ve been aware of what happened to JB in the audition and still stays in America for like 8 years without even acknowleding that doofus went from being a hot idol to a loser because of her. She unleashed the bitch in me that I started cursing her as I watched how she just stole haesung song and sang it like her own. She proceeds by singing fp song. And somewhere watch dream high 2 eng sub ep 16 also mentioned Cannes?! Yoon Hee Ddream Supporting Cast.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Some people give speeches, the students clap. Nana Hyo Rin has what it takes to watch dream high 2 eng sub ep 16 a top vocalist. I agree with you on all thoughts, though I did kind of start liking Rian when with Yoo-Jin; she was chill. AND teacher Yang was barely given a chance It just made me angry I can’t believe I wasted time watching this thing. This may be a lateee comment.

It was a bumpy ride. Some of his students chatter about his looks. The whole thing is supposed to be a joke a very dumb one.

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It let me know how much time goes into this and how it kind of takes some of the joy out of just watching. Just as he calls them out for engg lecture, Lee Seul comes in and tells him to stop, they are a couple. He trips during the performance and everyone talks in concern.

It was montages and happy scenes strung together. During their talk they both discover that they have been called by Yoo-Jin.

At one gigh someone asks her about chopsticks and a spoon. The drama ends with some parting words from the group. Keep up the good work. I feel like I should give you a cookie or something! Anyway since we actually went through all this pain to watch the entire series.

Even the show’s stylist hated you or somethingI wonder. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!

Ye Eun Supporting Cast.