Drama Recaps Greasy Melo: I like how the plot is into the internal conflicts in the 2 men-City Hunter and the prosecutor. As the show creates piggybacking, the fashion creates jegging. All the other characters really show off their charm and have made a great ensemble! I had the same problem with Greatest Love – sorry but where are the top-notch Korean actresses? Oh and lee junhyuk is great too. When she was supposed to be shocked to discover that her daddy long legs is the son of her enemy, her lack of acting skills showed.

I really think that it was Jin-pyo in the car that hit ahjushi though. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. I couldn’t agree more with you gala She’s disliked the man for, what, 10 years at this point. Oh wow, I forgot about the aunt! Loved that the prosecutor figure things out quickly. The Pres seems like such a good, honest guy, what do you guys think City Hunter will find about him?

Dad sits in his office, calmly cleaning his gun.

Young-ju arrives and sees Dad hanging from the bridge. He falls to what is surely his death. Hopefully, tmrw’s episode will be better. Yoon-sung freezes, trapped behind nothing but a glass divider with some venetian blinds.

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You are having a really bad citu. Ajusshi smashes right into the front windshield and gets thrown over the car. Loved that the prosecutor figure things out quickly. It seems e both these ladies were in over their heads, in terms of bringing the drama and intensity.

Veronica, So back to your comments after all the bunny cuteness. Jung Joon Won Supporting Cast. Rival stars and unplanned lovelines by DB Staff. Hwang Sun Hee Supporting Cast.

City Hunter Episode 13

I mean, the only seemingly good dad has been in a vegetative state for the past 10 years. So he shows up happily, right next to Young-ju.

Will the drama on City Hunter ever cease? He looks at himself in the mirror like an animal hungry to kill, his eyes piercing with rage and darkness.

I ended up hating it. Yoon-sung sits by his bedside silently, not answering his phone. Thank you GF for the quick recaps. She is different light, childish, snobby, strong and weak as a normal human being and ,orean what I like in this actress.

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But I’m glad to syb see this genre in a Korean drama with characters being not totally good and not totally 133 either!

No really though, this show is too addicting, meaning too awesomely plotted and acted! This is so messed up, but so genius too. Episodes by odilettante. But… um… remember that time you hunfer on the car, and he hit you anyway? That’s been bothering me because everyone else at the D.

It should have been you who died in that accident. In the end, she is the one who is there for him when he needs a coffee, who understands his drive and weaknesses! Elena July 6, at This show makes me so bipolar because I LOVE this turn in the story — that Yoon-sung gets pushed over the edge, that he makes the conscious choice to turn his back on Kim Jong-shik, and that his one split-second decision has immediate and grave consequences. This drama keeps getting better and sug. Yoon-sung puts himself between Dad and Nana, as if to say Watch city hunter korean drama ep 13 eng sub gotta shoot me first.

Maybe he’ll show more of what he’s been hiding in episode 14, but he’s just been blah The City Hunter case gets handed off to a different prosecutor, right out from under him. Eeng, the nun lying?

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I think Korean drama make me grow old so fast. Celexa July 6, at I HATE that old cliche, the “bad nun. Ajusshi gets through surgery, but he remains in a coma. I nearly had a heart attack waiting for that heartbeat. I must say though I’m not moved by her scenes either, but at least she’s no longer as snobby as she was towards YS in the clty episodes.