Moorim school ep 5 eng sub

LollyPip January 28, at 4: Not sure what the director thinks, but someone should tell him that lingering on the characters that long with nothing happening just seems like poor editing. It's fun to read your insight about this drama. Aunty pretends it was a simple slip of the tongue, but they just happen to be outside the restaurant where the teachers are, and they run right into Dean Hwang. I'm going to keep watching.

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Moorim School - 무림학교 - Watch Full Episodes Free - Korea - TV Shows - Rakuten Viki

I really love your recap. That night Soon-deok looks online for a new part-time job, but nothing out there is as good as the chicken delivery job she already had. I appreciate your recaps. That would seem more like within her nature. The writing has been Okay I am just watching this story because Shiwoo and Seon dok's story. Two boys swing down from an upper walkway where the rest of the students watch, and they grab a pair of swords, looking aggressive.

Thanks for what's been done so far! I usually watched the series online then read the recaps here for insights. He grumbles that Shi-woo only cares about fame, and Sun-ah leaps to his defense, assuming he had a good reason to go. After a moment, Soon-deok lets go with a loud wail. I really wish this was better executed, but if One More Happy Ending is getting the full recap treatment instead of this, I am all for it. The comprehensive exam, so much more with shiwoo-soondeok!!

I might be rewarded for being persistent. I'm curious about the necklace. Thank u Loolypip for the recaps.

He still dislikes them. Somehow I know that the recap here will end and not survive, because this drama isn't popular in dramabeans. I don't think so, given that there is barely any plot. Don't want to be rude but I forgot I followed this show Thanks for reminding I like SW and SD. I actually started to care about the characters and what happens next. I for one, although this may not be a great drama have mostly enjoyed the fun, carefree ride.

Scholo the test, Shi-woo seems outwardly calm, but his forehead starts to bead up with sweat, just like last time. Diane February 5, at 4: And now i cant even get the recap too: His father had the Chintimani stone and Chi-ang's father wanted it for himself, Dean Hwang schiol it and dp it in the school until Shi-woo was old enough to claim the power for himself.

There've been other, unpopular dramas that were recapped in full.

Vagabond releases first action-packed teaser trailer. And she does enjoy the meal — to a point.

Moorim School Ep 5 Eng Sub

Otherwise, it will be a flop. Chi-ang sits on his bed and thinks about seeing Soon-deok and Shi-woo together, and pretends to be meditating when Shi-woo comes in. Next ep 7 definitely will be awesome and fun enough But after I got over that and accepted it for its awkward and let myself skip areas it morim too corny for me to take, I still like it.

We see that Chi-ang is watching from a short distance, silently seething. He never thought of school as fun, but he feels like Moorim may be different. I know people have teared this show apart for weeks now sb their own reasons.

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