I flip-flop between the 2 guys with each scene. I hate when second man feel superior and entitled than the main guy. No confusion, no overacting, no dull moment. Thanks for the recap. Yul wants to continue their unfinished conversation and asks if she still wants to call off the wedding? That’s not just playfully jumping in without thought, but considering consequences and your role to fulfill and going forward anyways. I love this drama Now she just wants to spend more time with her dad.

He seethes, wondering if Yul intends to take this fight to the end. After In-ho leaves, Yul reminds her of the clause in their contract about her proper decorum. Yul scoffs at the idea, but he humors her and listens to her demands to keep their personal lives and sleeping arrangements! Da Jung huffs out of his office to go wait for him. This will turn on the object of his feelings, namely Da-Jung. I can’t believe it made me cry a few times. Is it like “having your cake and eating it too? But step-mothers do have to tread carefully when asserting parental control at the start of a new marriage.

I loved her wedding dress so freaking much,she looked like a princess. Yul looks at his copy of the contract and mutters about how he got himself into this situation. I think the Kangta might be a reference to her loving celebrities, and being a fan of H. Da Jung is soaking her hands in warm water and Na Ra comes by to crow about her success. I hope IH back off.

CaroleMcDonnell December 18, at deama Lindy December 24, the prime minister and i korean drama ep 4 I am counting on you people: Da Jung waits in the room with In Ho keeping her company. DayDreamer December 18, at 6: Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Speaking of whom, Hye-joo holds a press conference about an upcoming diplomatic banquet, to which Reporter Byun grumbles whether this will be another private event like the wedding.

In-ho breaks the silence by asking if they really plan to call the marriage scheme off.

Prime Minister and I Episode 4

I was actually infuriated after watching Episode 4 with English. She takes the initiative to pull out some sort of weird story to find those paper frogs at the Minister’s house, even though she’s not on the greatest terms with the wife lol. Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

He asks when her father will arrive and is alarmed to hear that the Scandal News team will be in attendance. I think the main reason is the great acting, excellent script and writerlack of confusion and oddly ministr age gap between Yoona and LBS korfan PM in real life.

Da-jung mulls over whether to actually tear up the contract before ultimately deciding against it and stuffing it with her wedding gift from her editor boss: Gah, why so adorable?

Of course, her response to the situation always ends up in a shoot-yourself-in-the-foot result, which priime makes her more pitiful. Was it because of her one-sided love for the PM that she rejected Joon-ki?

How can he resist the urge to educate his little miss on proper form? The president is assisted by the Prime Minister. I can’t help it. Prime Minister and I Favorite. I love how well the show is setting up the payoffs! Speaking about that the prime minister and i korean drama ep 4 visit, I was soooo worried for her, but totally laughed out loud when that frog turned out to koreaj the photo of the wife and Kang Hodong.

He seems unusually adverse to the idea.

I want to shout, “Move on, folks! Julia the Berkshire Beanie December 24, at D I have not watched these but I am going to try to watch as many of them as I can. Citing that Da-jung needs to do her part to pay for the helicopter ride, Yul plops the dead fish from his hands into hers. I was flailing like a sobbing fish during all the Da Jung-daddy scenes in this episode, starting from when Dad came to meet his future son-in-law all the way to the wedding.

In Ho is 32 years old.

At least she knows Chinese and Japanese during the garbage can incidence. PM has reason to be put off. My imagination running wild here like DJ.

Prime Minister and I Episode 4 Recap

It gives him and us a chance to challenge a straightforward but painful motive in dramaland, and could make him an interesting rival. I pe certainly a happy person right now. Man, LBS is such a good actor. The other was a demolished minivan.

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Angela December 24, at 5: So far the show sound nice. Every reveal to each other when they tell the truth is a breath of fresh air. I have to admit, I teared up when Da Jungs father scolded her for thinking that he wouldn’t recognise his own daughter.

For running man because the sub comes by tuesdays Tuesday-Wednesday: But Da-jung catches him and literally primr on him to snatch it.

However, biggest credit goes to writer nims. Well, Gong Hyo Jin and Yoona are close friends in real life GHJ even said she considers YA as her cute actress hoobae and not as an annd so I wouldn’t be surprised if the former gave the latter lots of acting tips on how to be an awesome rom-com heroine!