Peter and Mike Kresteva guest star Matthew Perry compete to gain the influential endorsement of a local Cardinal. Cary approaches Nick the day after he was assaulted. Meanwhile, Peter beats Maddie Hayward and wins the Democratic primary. TV By the Numbers. Zach gets pulled over by a cop and the campaign is turned fully about family values; Alicia deals with a reporter who inquires about the status of her marriage to Peter. The Tomatometer score — based on the opinions of hundreds of film and television critics — is a trusted measurement of critical recommendation for millions of fans. Chris Noth as Peter Florrick. Josh Charles as Will Gardner.

Nick is dropped by the firm as a client after it becomes apparent he is using his tow truck company to smuggle drugs. Will advised her to invoke her Fifth Amendment right, but Rainey refused. Meanwhile, with the firm now enjoying a surplus of cash, the partners debate on what to do with it, and explore the possibility of re-leasing the two building floors they lost during bankruptcy, and hiring a second investigator. This page was last edited on 1 July , at Maddie Hayward announces she intends to run for governor against Peter. Retrieved March 12,

Retrieved March 4, Alicia is then tasked with assisting the prosecution in Minooka. Graham Phillips as Zach Florrick. Diane, still being vetted as a potential Supreme Court Judge, has to deal with addressing concerns regarding her personal and business life.

Peter makes a speech at a minority-rights organization during which he is booed. Once brought to the attention of an emergency courtroom hearing however, the details turn out to be potentially ruinous for Peter’s campaign.

The firm argue against Viola Walsh and her internet billionaire client Neil Gross, representing two startup founders who developed voice recognition software and were negatively affected by tweaked search engine page ranking.

Retrieved March 19, And she refused to apologize for the truth, even if that meant staying in jail.

The Good Wife recap: Help From Anonymous |

Stockard Channing as Veronica Loy. Diane is approached by Peter to fill the seat of a recently deceased Illinois Supreme Court Judge the good wife season 4 episode 20 air date he wins the governorship.

Will and Alicia represent an eighteen-year-old girl suing her rapist in order to make the crime a matter of public record and show the world who he really is. Alicia and Will represent a client who allegedly murdered a woman in Chicago during a music festival, but is not the only one being tried for her murder.

Alicia and Will attend the inquest into the death of an Illinois Supreme Court Judge that died in a car crash; their client being the wife of the deceased who stands to earn millions from a life insurance policy. Account Help Sign Out.

Unsure of her obligations seasoj her deceased client, she is pressured into divulging information that could potentially break attorney-client privilege.

The Good Wife recap: Help From Anonymous

The firm deals with a trustee appointed to watch over them in the wake of their bankruptcy. Executive producer Tony Scott died in Augustabout a month prior to the start of the season. Unapologetic With Aisha Tyler. Lemond Bishop goes to trial, charged with the murder of a confidential informant. Retrieved October 16, Retrieved March 11, Retrieved March 5, Cary, still set on forming his own firm, tries to sign on Kalinda. After having spent the good wife season 4 episode 20 air date previous thirteen years as a stay-at-home mother, Yood returns to the workforce as a litigator to provide for her two children.

During the Chicago Shamrock Dinner, one of the firm’s clients is murdered. Diane learns that if she wants to be considered for a judgeship, she will have to distance herself from Will. As our team works to help their client, they learn that the case has garnered the attention of Dylan Stack and shadowy internet organization Anonymous. Cary approaches Nick the day after he was assaulted. Srason Baranski as Diane Lockhart.

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Posted on Apr 15, Kalinda comes face-to-face with her estranged husband. Another man is being tried in Minooka on exactly the same charge, and the outcome of that trial could prove their defendant innocent. Episode Info When an erratic and the good wife season 4 episode 20 air date client is murdered in the street, tje police ask Alicia for information about him to assist in their investigation.

Alicia is asked by military court judge Kuhn to represent a female military lawyer Amanda Peet as she brings suit against a military contract employee in civil court who attempted to rape her.

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