Retrieved January 30, Retrieved November 6, But he made for some truly fantastic subplots on the series. The firm sues a university claiming they were liable for the death of a student who died as a result of an extreme hazing ritual. Eli tries to deal with a new rumor regarding Peter’s ‘anatomy’ and Peter hires a new assistant state’s attorney after Alicia recommends a former military court lawyer, Laura Hellinger. Meanwhile, with the firm now enjoying a surplus of cash, the partners debate on what to do with it, and explore the possibility of re-leasing the two building floors they lost during bankruptcy, and hiring a second investigator. Cary is placed in a precarious position that could compromise his friendship with Clarke.

The case also inspires the firm’s own clerical staff to seek better working conditions. Alicia and Will represent a woman who accuses a recently admitted Princeton student of raping her. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved March 19, The firm is called to Lemond Bishop’s aid after his accountant is arrested. Retrieved November 28, The firm goes to court to fight their new creditor, Louis Canning, for an extension on their bankruptcy plan with Clarke Hayden playing an unexpected part in the eventual outcome.

Mary Beth Peil First episode: Carrie Preston First episode: The season premiere was dedicated in Scott’s memory. The good wife cast season 4 episode 12 Channing First episode: Retrieved March 4, Nikki James First episode: Thankfully, viewers got the chance to see her one last time this season. Will Gardner defends a client who is accused of killing her husband for his fortune, in Laura Hellinger first case as ASA; the case alone could get the firm out of debt, freeing them of supervision of the trustee.

Zach gets pulled over by a cop and the campaign is turned fully about family values; Alicia deals with a reporter who inquires about the status of her marriage to Peter. Kevin Conway First episode: Eli is approached by a representative of the Department of Justice investigating illegal campaign bribes, ostensibly relating to his wife’s campaign for the State senate.

Retrieved March 17, The series focuses on Alicia Florrick Margulieswhose tbe Peter Noththe former Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorneyhas been the good wife cast season 4 episode 12 following a notorious political corruption and sex scandal.

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Sarah Steele First episode: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On the night of the Illinois gubernatorial election, Zach witnesses what he believes to be vote tampering. Meanwhile, Peter beats Maddie Hayward and wins the Democratic primary.

Did she actually have a long-standing affair with Peter? The firm goes to court to fight their new creditor, Louis Canning, for an extension on their bankruptcy plan with Clarke Hayden playing an the good wife cast season 4 episode 12 part in the tue outcome. Cary, after being probed by the new investigator Robyn, is forced to reveal to Alicia he is leaving the firm to form his own and invites her to join him.

John Benjamin Hickey First episode: Retrieved from ” https: Matthew Perry First episode: Seriously—where are you, Robyn? Baker was always delightfully amusing, even when totally horrifying us. Share Tweet Submit Pin.

Battle of the Proxies

But in the end she left it all behind to get married and have a family. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Eli, having forestalled the publication of a damaging magazine article must now contend with a blog threatening to post a story regarding episodf article not being published in the first place.

David Hyde Pierce First episode: Retrieved April 17, The fiancee of Neil Gross hires David Lee to negotiate her pre-nup and everyone works to ensure that young love triumphs. Will’s suspension is over, and he returns to the firm.

Dreama Walker First episode: A racist misogynist with loads of money, Guy became the best representation of how low Alicia would sink to win the election. But he made for some truly fantastic subplots on the series.

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Judge Richard Cuesta Actor: Nick is dropped by the firm as a client after it becomes apparent he is using his tow truck company to smuggle drugs. The good wife cast season 4 episode 12 prepares to engage Maddie Hayward in their first epiosde debate, with Diane Lockhart helping him prepare.

Retrieved March 11, Diane is approached by Peter to fill the seat of a recently deceased Illinois Supreme Court Judge if he wins the governorship. Matthew Lillard First episode: Retrieved November 28, Retrieved November 13, Views Read Edit View history.