The priest says that they should now proceed to the last phera. She screams NO but then composes herself and says that she would rather hold his hand and walk slowly with him for the 2 pheras left. Sankalp comes out and sits beside sonia. But khushi insists him to talk to her once. Like 0 Dislike 0. Sign in Recover your password.

He says you have to eat. Like 0 Dislike 0. Kunal is informed that the opposite company has withdrawn their case and Gaurav will only have to pay 5 lacks within a week to settle the case. Roli puts up a brave smiling face in front of viru, all the while thinking that simar would have to reach real fast now, since not much time is left to salvage her life. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Siddhi says just like him and Kunal gets irritated again.

Khushi says Sasural simar ka 13 feb 2013 written episode just know how to make just a few things. She finds roli pics beneath his pillow.

When removed it, then y do u talk of papers. Simar prays to the ffeb to make them reach before the pheras. You can do anything. Simar saysb Mata ji let me and Uma bhabhi help us. She messages roli that she should somehow delay the pheras for just some more time, as simar is on her way and would reach here soon.

Her phone rings, she receives and says wow you have called on exact time. She screams NO but then composes herself and says ks she would rather hold his hand and walk simsr with him for the 2 pheras left. He asks the priest to hasten up the marriage.

Sonia screams help and roli is confused. Mausiji however is worried as to where simar is, as she should have reached by now.

Sankalp says lets go to get the breakfast. She turns off the lamp.

She says she want wimar be his business partner sasural simar ka 13 feb 2013 written episode tat she cn spend tym wit him.

Simar and Uma bring the ingredients. Viru confronts roli, saying that khushi has told the entire truth and that he now knows that she never really loved him, and that she was just using him to get hold of the property. Roli taunts him saying that khushi is right. Last updated Feb 14, Veeru says roli sit in the car. Scene 1 khushi says my dear Sankalp no matter how many times you get married you will only have one wife that is me.

The bharadwaj family is surprised. She has just taken revenge si,ar evereything that viru did along with khushi, against them. Viru smirks that he sasural simar ka 13 feb 2013 written episode them, as if police were their resort, they should have got themrather than wait now for the marraige to get over before the police comes.

She locks the room and takes the mask off. As sasrual tries to catch up with simar, simar is running breathlessly to reach the temple in time. Then naina says that she already thought abt it. Car is on its way to the temple.

Parichay 13th February Written Episode Update. Bharadwaj house Simar, while searching through the papers, gets a worried call by mausiji asking her to huryy up as the marriage has started and they hope that she doesnt actually get married.

A password sasural simar ka 13 feb 2013 written episode be e-mailed to you. Welcome, Login to your account. Gaurav promises Seema that from now on he will never do anything to hurt his family ever again and will pay those 5 lacks rupees to his company on him own.

Mausiji asks her to sit and relax, but viru says that they cant wait anymore as the shubh muhurat would pass and that he would carry her in his arms and complete the remaining 2 pheras.

Now I have to go dpisode show smile to everyone.

Parichay 13th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He asks her to speak the truth, while she stands speechless. He leaves and says he irritates a lot. Khushi barges in saying that he must be at peace now, after having lost everything, as he was blinded by love.

Viru is surprised to see khushi calling, he ignores some times, while roli is getting furious that she wont let the sisters destroy him. Roli praying and thanking god that khushi is in middle of the road. He asks how are you feeling now? sasural simar ka 13 feb 2013 written episode

Kunal thinks he should be with Siddhi and not working and Siddhi also thinks that they should be together and not apart like this. Like 0 Dislike 0. Mausiji thinks that she would have to come up with a different plan. She says no I was just coming to sleep. Viru says that she can keep the property or give it to anyone she wants, but she shouldnt think of leaving him, as he would die without her.