Welcome, Login to your account. But unfazed by her insult, ishita goes on to provoke akash to change according to his new lifestyle, and asks him to change his sense of clothing and dress up more like yash. But yash is confident that he would and its proven to be right as akash joins them at the table. Akash comes to suraj and folds his hands in taunting, saying that suraj made his destiny and destined him to be unfortunate forever. He says that he cant change since his own father never gave him the chance to be able to have the same lifestyloe as of his family. She was your daughter in law for 10 years.. He says that he had no fault in being unable to sit and with manners and eat with proper manners, as suraj forced him to live an uncivilised life.

I have responsibility of three sons.. Divya is coming out and she notices the chip. Before police arrest them, Sarita asks them if she can talk to Abhi. He says that today suraj is quiet only for the fact that his respect is at stake, otherwise he would have gotten them killed a long time back. Abhi says he will pray to the God and then she will with be them. They give her permission. He says that they should adapt themselves to this, since he wont change for anyone and would stay the same.

Downstairs, gayatri, looking at the saree of ishita, thinks its arti and asks her to go call the boys for dinner now.

I have responsibility of three sons. Pankaj tells akash that he wouldnt bear such insult to his father. Buaji syas that it would be good for him, but how udate two people who have shared the same man, live wtitten the same teb. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Arti asks punar vivah 27th feb 2013 episode written update not to punar vivah 27th feb 2013 episode written update bad as gayatri would take time, as any normal lady would to be able to cope with the changed situations, but she definitely would see the true situationa s she isnt a bad person by heart.

But arti tries to put her at ease saying that even ishita is a member of their family. Pankaj asks yash to understand now that he has done a grave mistake in bringing them here and that suraj was right in letting them go with episodd lumpsum money. Sarita and Vikrant are in a lockup. Sign in Recover your password. Buaji too feigns hurt at this, saying that if akash has the guts to talk like this in front of them, then how would he talk behind their backs, in the society. Arti asks eagerly what does she want from her.

Akash enthusiastically starts with the dinner.

The scindia brothers get into discussing the past and enjoying and hvaing fun. As akash weitten them in the lounge, pratiek and pankaj cheers on drinks, and akash gets a chance to insult them saying that they may have tried to be the better one, by accepting and welcoming him, but kept only three glasses for a party of 4 brothers, to insult akash.

Prateik excitedly sys that he would arrange everything for it and the three brothers would have a blast. Yash says that not 3 but 4 brothers. They give her permission. Raj then says he is going home and he will take her. She watches it fpisode hopes to find some proof.

Arti is tensed to hear this. Vandana tells him that she came to uodate house before Vikrant and Sarita and then left all of a sudden. He gets up to reach out for the items eipsode at the other end of the table, takes the food and begins.

Ishita offers to help in the kitchen, but nothing much is left for her to do. Raj punar vivah 27th feb 2013 episode written update there and takes it wrong way and gets angry at her. Before police arrest them, Sarita asks them if she can talk to Abhi.

Now you forgive me too. He reprimands suraj for not thinking about his family or the social status of his love, when he was romancing his punar vivah 27th feb 2013 episode written update and when the fruit of that romance came vivqh on the open, he was thinking about self respect and status in the society. What is your relationship with them?

We can only hope Raj and Divya find the right killer and we can get out of this place. Sarita says everything will be fine.

She tells ishita that she should live these moments to the fullest as they would never return back. Yash asks him not to talk like that with his wife, but akash stops him midway saying that yash shouldnt say anything, since its because of him, that he had to bear this burden in the first case, referring to punar vivah 27th feb 2013 episode written update, who stands there hurt.

Like 0 Dislike 0. She cancels the phone, lest somebody should hear her. Arti comes in and says that they can have fun, as their husbands are already busy in their own drinking liquor party.

But yash is confident that he would and its proven to be right as akash joins them at the table. She turns around to face arti, who stands giving buaji a stoical face. Welcome, Login to your account. This is not a film. Vandana says she has changed now and she has come here for Vikrant and Sarita.

He still continues saying that he hasnt said anything wrong.

Punar Vivah 25th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He asks her what she is doing here when she said she was ill. Sarita gives Abhi to Divya and family and says, I know you all will take good care of him and will never let him miss us, but still. Episodr says that akash deservingly belongs in the slums only. She goes out of her room in anger. Vidhi remembers the last time when yash had failed to talk about his feelings.

Akash says that suraj was responsible for the fact that he had to live a nameless live of an illegitimate in the updatw for over 30 years. Other hand, Abhi is punar vivah 27th feb 2013 episode written update and hopes somehow he gets the recorder from his car.