23 Apr Physical Geography by S. Singh has many further sub-branches of Physical Geography included in it. All of the branches of Physical. Title, Physical Geography. Author, Savindra Singh. Publisher, Prayag Pustak Bhavan, ISBN, , Length, pages. Physical Geography. Front Cover. Savindra Singh. Prayag Pustuk Bhagwan, Title, Physical Geography. Author, Savindra Singh. Publisher, Prayag.

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Plus you can also refer a few topics from Rupa made geeography like soils etc. Hi friends, While searching Savindra Singh’s Physical Geography online, physicwl publications are showing. There’s also one book by Majid Hussain on Maps. Few topics only to be covered from Rupa. Get all details and register on: Iam also confused regarding the books part At ForumIAS, we have a dream. Please guys, Help, your’s past experiences with this subject can give a more clear physical geography by savinder singh on which books to follow for the physical part of paper 1.

Which is the exact Book. Dear forum members with geography optional and the respected seniors those who have written mains with geography as an optional at least once, please suggest me the books to choose for preparing paper 1 of geography optional physical part.

Physical Geography – Savindra Singh – Google Books

Siddhartha useful in anyway for geo optional? How to prepare for it? Other books can be used to enrich already covered topics if you had enough time. Please clarify, Earlier I used to think that for physical geography only one book is sufficient.

Seniors do contribute as per your experience. Just physical geography by savinder singh physical geography book. September edited September Go and buy Pravalika publication. But earning it for yourself, that takes work.

Their most important responsibilities are maintenance of Law and Order and internal security. They also represent India in international organizations.

Woodpecker Please help me also I have also asked a question sir.

One book is more than enough. As a value addition, physical geography by savinder singh can buy Rupa series. Click the following link to access these free preparation initiatives in Portal. Almost all of us have done that but realised that Savindra Singh is gem of a book. I saw the book but found it little crammed up But, the basic book must be the Physical Geography.

Savindra Singh (Author of Physical Geography)

Please let me know. Just the Physical Geography would do. I did the chapter on soils from here. For residual topics not found in any book, refer internet. You dont have to buy separate books.

Confusion over books by Savinder Singh for Geography optional

Guys indian geo k liye koun si book best hai??? Optional groups are almost exclusive. There you can find other topics that is not covered by Singh and you can complete the whole syllabus in less number of days.

It doesn’t work that way. I am little bit confused. Singh and Rupa covers most of the 1st part, Can’ devote whole time physical geography by savinder singh P1 only.

Is “Geography through maps” by K. It is not the eyes that are yeography but the heart. DS lal for certain topics though if you have not read earlier than Savinder singh physical geography by savinder singh suffice oceanography savinder singh you can go through strahler and cheng only for diagram, though not necessary.

ForumIAS provides the right approach to excel in this exam through their toppers who have shared their success mantras and their study materials in an elaborate manner. Make savinder Singh your base, and keep revising and practice answer writing. Man is sometimes extraordinarily, passionately, in love with suffering.