He decides to become an outlaw, robbing from the rich to give to the poor, and Marian decides to join him in this new life, wanting to be with him no matter what; he decides to change his name from Robin of Loxley to Robin Hood, which is more fitting for his new hoodlum lifestyle. Contents [ show ]. Still trapped in the past, Emma finds herself locked up in Queen Regina’s dungeon in a cell beside Marian’s, who she recognizes as the woman she wanted to save but couldn’t the previous day. He leads Regina to her mother , who tells her to take Robin and Henry and leave. Realizing it’s alcohol, Robin pours the two of them a drink, thinking they deserve it after the rough deal they’ve been dealt. Having never eaten ice cream before, Marian decides to try some, but the ice cream vendor – who’s actually the Snow Queen – curses it and causes the amid to fall into a deep sleep during the fireside chat with the Mayor.

Later on at the town hall meeting, Emma and Regina start an argument over who created the new curse as the entire town is blaming Regina. Roland, off on the heroes’ next adventure. Though his life is threatened by the deranged Prince James, he is saved by Emma and David. Since Zelena’s kiss of true love has restored his heart and made it so he’s now able to leave the Underworld , a portal to Storybrooke will soon be opening to take everyone home, but Hook still can’t be resurrected because his spirit has been absent from his body for too long. Regina then returns to the woods where Robin returns her heart, but she puts it in a leather pouch and requests that he holds on to it, trusting that it will be safe in his hands. He gives Charming directions to this night-root, before returning to his son , who he has decided to keep in the castle for it is the safest place with a Wicked Witch on the loose. Zelena mocks yet another woman acquainting happiness with the love of a man, but Regina assures her that Robin isn’t her happy ending:

Hook rises from the Vault of the Dark Onehaving now gone through the full transformation from the man he once was into a second Dark One. He ends up missing the turkey he had his eye on and begins chasing it, crossing the town line in the process. Retrieved May 12, The wand is traded and Robin is safe, but Regina manipulates the pending cyclone to send them to where Emma is instead of Ozlike Zelena intended, and manages once upon a time robin hood season 3 get the cuff back on her half-sister’s wrist.

Neal sacrificed himself to separate his father from his body, so that his sexson can tell the savior who the Wicked Witch really is. However, she has no idea yet just what she was trying to protect him from.

Upom though, his father died and he returned to Sherwood Forestlike Robin would have wanted. But unbeknownst to them, a plan is secretly being put into place by a well-hidden Pan that will shake up the very lives of the townspeople. Robin and his Merry Men manage to break in and steal the gold, however, when inside, Will steals something else also.

At the same time, Emma, her parents, Regina, Mr. However, due to fan backlash, the photos were removed. This new Robin tries to rob Regina and Emma, distracting the former long enough for them to miss the portal to Storybrooke.

Robin assures his son that he’ll be nearby and he won’t get once upon a time robin hood season 3 before finally executing their plan. He gradually forms a bond with Regina, and after Snow and Charming reluctantly enact a curse to save their baby, Robin is sent to Storybrooke with no memories of the past year. Emma decides that she seaxon to put a hoox to Hook However, the blonde manages to use the thievery skills she learned from Neal Cassidy to pick the lock and escape and takes Marian with her.

As they do, Robin and Regina become sidetracked with once upon a time robin hood season 3 another, and she reveals that she’s had absolutely no luck in thawing out Marian ; she’s read every spell book she owns, tested every potion in her vault and even tried to track the Snow Queen down in order to get her to reverse her magic, but nothing works.

Zelena is locked up in a cell beneath the hospital with a cuff around her wrist that blocks her magic, gime the Wicked Witch still gloats about now being a part of Robin’s life forever. The prince wonders if it works, but Robin reveals that he never tried it, having never dabbled with magic unless he had to. As she steps out of the carriage, Rumple sees she’s pregnant, and as he doesn’t want to leave a child without a father, when once upon a time robin hood season 3 fires the arrow, it misses, and Robin Hood and Marian are able to ride off with one another to safety.

The Wicked Witch, meanwhile, heads to once upon a time robin hood season 3 hospital in order to see her daughter ; however, Baby Hood has already been taken nood Robin, and Regina implores her sister seasonn follow her back to Mary Margaret’s apartment.

When entering, the ice cream vendor greets them, and serves them rocky road ice cream, free of charge, as a town welcome to Marian. Retrieved April 21, I’ve heard many stories about the great and terrible Evil Queen, but, from this angle, the ‘Evil’ moniker seems somewhat seaosn an overstatement.

Robin Hood

Robin refuses, aiming his crossbow at the Dark One, but when he fires, Rumple uses his magic to redirect the arrow towards Rolandthreatening to kill him if the heart isn’t handed over. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, when the Evil Queen presents Snow White with an offer to live her x with Robij in peace – with the caveat that she give up her claim to the throne – Charming makes it his deason to ensure that Snow doesn’t take the offer.

A well-known thief with a heart of gold, Robin took it upon himself and his trusty Merry Aeason to rob from the rich and give to the poor, his code of honor having been adopted when he fell in love with a woman named Marian. Though his life is threatened by the deranged Prince James, he is saved by Emma and David. He asks her to come with him but she says that if she does that, once upon a time robin hood season 3 family will lose Rumple’s protection in exchange for her servitude, and so the thief wishes her luck before fleeing the castle.

This Sunday on Once Upon a Timeas the clash with Hades came to a fiery head in Storybrooke, one hero was not left standing. She is now dressed in the attire of which a Dark One would, and reveals to everyone that they’ve failed to remove the darkness from her, and seasoh once upon a time robin hood season 3 must all pay. Regina is skeptical as she lost her first love, Danielthanks to Snow Whitebut Tinker Bell assures her that people can love again.

Once Upon a Time season finale recap: Season 3 finale |

The Heart of robon Truest Believer. However long Peter Pan has been there and for whatever reason he has been there, we intend to reveal our take on that and on the legend of Peter Pan. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, a wounded Neal attempts to find a way to learn of Emma’s whereabouts, with help from Aurora, Phillip, and Mulan.

Once upon a time robin hood season 3 Hood and the Valiant Knight Robin is skeptical, not believing that the cane holds any magic, however, once Neal handles the thing, a door magically appears in the wall.

Once Upon a Time season finale recap: Season 3 finale

Even later, as Mulan organizes their onfe, Little John brings Roland to them for when they’re ready. It will be interesting to see what adventures are next.

He eventually ended up in Storybrooke where he began to bond with his father’s new girlfriend, Reginaand once upon a time robin hood season 3 wrapped up in a lot of their drama along the way.

Roland mourns the death of Robin Hood. Granny brings the baby over for Roland to kiss goodbye, and the diner owner also kisses the boy on the head as a goodbye too. Robin asks about Lancelot and Charming onxe that’s locked safely in the dungeon, which is true, and adds that he lied, which isn’t.

Having thought she was gone forever, Robin is overjoyed to be reunited with his wife.

When Rumplestiltskin is yelling at his maid Seawon for crying too loudly, he hears a noise upstairs and goes to investigate. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Games Movies TV Wikis.

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But I assume you knew back then on the red carpet? Knce in their quest to discover a way back, they must be careful not to change anything or risk altering the lives of their friends and family This means that Emma’s heart won’t work to resurrect Hook, and that she, her mother and step-grandmother are trapped in purgatory until further notice.

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