In episode 10, Min-jae finds Yu-min crouching dejectedly outside the hotel. Because of her vanity and irrational pride, Su-ji suffers from an inferiority complex. Liked her vitality and quirkiness in this drama; she’s cute and funny; you can’t help rooting for her character. Also, it is possible to experience the lively atmosphere of a Korean fish market. I just realised today that there’s a 37 seconds long missing scene starting from She struggles to make a living in a village by the sea with her ailing brother, Gang-pyo. Guest Sep 24

I’m not sure if it’s a video glitch or what, but the file was downloaded successfully when I grabbed it off ed2k some months ago. The cast included a number of top pop stars in addition to Kye-sang. I wanna thank Mangosteen, Jannah and the rest for making it easier for the non-koreans to understand it. I’ve been waiting to watch this series for a while now!!! A romantic comedy about two future year old sisters-in-law! The place is a popular spot frequently visited by celebrities. The school is at the end of the dead-end street Casa Loca at Yeoeui-do In episode 7, Seung-jae runs into Yu-min again after five years. I cant watch it..

My 19 Year Old Sister in Law

The cheery interior creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. However, after getting to know him a little better, one realizes that he is not all that bad natured.

Again, my note for update: Cheong-ok refused but Kyung-Hwa threatened her about her killing Hae-won’s mother.

The cast included a number of top pop stars in addition to Kye-sang. July 28—September 23,Wednesdays and Thursdays at Back to Young-ran’s home, Kyung-hwa was busy collecting Young-ran’s jewelries. It’s great to get more kdrama with eng subs.

However, I could only play it in Windows Media Player D-Addicts Addicted to Asian entertainment Skip to content. Here’s episode 2 subs synched to the MB rip I posted.

Thanks so much Su!! Last edited by mangosteen on Sat May 21, He’s quite busy now, so be patient! Although he has a short temper, he is actually kind and emotional.

My Sister-In-Law Is 19 [Eng Subs] (Complete) – D-Addicts

May I know where did u dl eps 7 and 8 of Stained Glass? Retrieved from ” https: Joon-seok’s father, Jung Geun-woo paid off Young-ran to stop looking for Joon-seok and lied that Joon-seok doesn’t want to see them.

I also found myself fast forwarding through the scenes of the wicked mother and daughter duo; cannot stand their treachery; robbing her mother of her life and money out of envy; coveting the lives of others, korea. Even when I do play it in WMP, i am unable to add the subs to be played with the drama The two kitchen helpers, Im Cheong-ok and Song Kyung-hwa, run to resue Young-ran and while Cheong-ok was pulling Young-ran inside, Kyung-hwa happen to see the envelope which was given by Geun-woo and was shocked to see the amount of money inside.

Although she feels guilty about lying, Yu-min now has more chance to see Min-jae outside of the hospital. Btw, it wasn’t an jorean scene. Last edited by mangosteen on Sun May 22, 8: All three study at the same school and Seung-jae bickers with Yu-min about everything. Young-ran runs away with Jun-seok, the son of plutocrats, and lives a happy life after giving a birth to their daughter, Hae-won. Almost like a my sister in law is 19 korean drama eng sub stalker, Yu-min stays close to Min-jae.

But because of her mother who keeps pushing him to marry a tycoon’s daughter, Min-jae needs Yoo-min help to pretend his fiancee until Seo-yeon return. The Drama looks funny. I’m really liking the look of this series. Also, this is the place where Yu-min and Seung-jae bicker with each other my sister in law is 19 korean drama eng sub slowly begin to develop feelings for one another.

Casa Loca at Yeoeui-do. It is also where Yu-min falls in love with Min-jae at first sight. Waiting till the next episode and subs are released!!!

Seoul Station has been renovated since then, making it challenging ni find the sights seen in the drama. RomanceComedyDrama. Young-ran beg her to return because she will return it but due to this, her illness become worst resulting to death. Views Read Edit View history. On his way, he gets into a car accident, my sister in law is 19 korean drama eng sub consciousness, and is hospitalized.

April 16, Notice: She srama had feelings for Seung-jae ever since she was a little girl, but is frustrated that she cannot have him. Just wondering, does the subs synch with the eps from clubbox site clubbox. I’m done with my timing for the second half of ep2. Thanks a million for subbing this drama. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I wanna thank Mangosteen, Jannah and the rest for making it easier for the non-koreans to understand it.

Thank u so much for subs!! Please use the Fansubbing forum to discuss subtitles. Seung-jae lies to Yu-min and tells her he got a job as a lecturer at a university, when he actually slster a part-time job at an amusement park.

She’s a Killer “. Kyung-Hwa begs Cheong-ok to do it since it will be for their sons and daughters who are in need to be raise well. We will release the next episode as soon as possible.