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This made the use of Sinhala email impractical, and slowed the use of Sinhala on the web. A sorting sequence was needed in order to set up databases and other lists of information in Sinhala and Tamil. With the implementation of the collation sequence it is possible to easily and reliably find words and names in dictionaries and databases.

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These are made available free to users.

Download Sinhala-Tamil Language Kit (IME) For Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

For example, when accessing a Sinhala website, various legacy fonts had to be downloaded, otherwise the websites were displayed as indecipherable jargon. Challenges Embedding input method in operating systems; to avoid the need to install external things to type. The industry has followed and developed Unicode compliant fonts.

This was needed especially for government organizations which maintain lists of information in Sinhala and Tamil. The keyboard layouts for Sinhala and Tamil are standardized. Details are as follows:.

Download Sinhala-Tamil Language Kit (IME) For Windows 10//7/Vista/XP

The quality will be such that the output will closely resemble human speech and will be understood with ease. This would enable the tamik of paper documents, documents in pdf formats and in images into editable formats and enable the migration of existing systems to Unicode.

As a result, key operating systems can now be used in Sinhala and Tamil. Sorting collation sequence This refers to the order in which lists of words or phrases are sorted and is a key function in computer systems. Font developers were training and provided with the knowledge and expertise on how to develop standards based i,e aesthetically correct Sinhala and Kkit fonts, in order to upgrade the skill and knowledge in this area.

This would result in non-duplication of information, more productive, better utilized staff and reduced storage requirements.

Software input methods necessary tami, using computers in accordance with the two standard keyboard layouts have been developed. The functionality of these is similar. Now it is possible to type in Sinhala and Tamil, exchange information in Sinhala and Tamil using computers and browse the web in Sinhala and Tamil.

The text-to-speech TTS system will convert normal text into speech.

Download Sinhala and Tamil Unicode Fonts free

There was no standard font for the industry. The font had to be sent to the recipient together with a Sinhala document, unless the recipient already had the font. The trainees produced several stylized Sinhala fonts. This project will be especially useful for the visually impaired and would also be helpful to senior citizens in using computers and other devices.

Country top level domain. Also Part of Our Family. Keyboard input Software input methods necessary for using computers in accordance with the two standard keyboard layouts have been developed. ICTA, in partnership with Microsoft, developed a word Sinhala Glossary, as one of the outputs of the project in developing a Sinhala user interface for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The sorting orders for Sinhala and Tamil were important issues that have now been resolved. Also specific applications such as word processing, did not integrate with other applications, and functions such as sorting, were not standardized among applications. The objective is to develop an Optical Character Recognition system for Sinhala, thus facilitating the development of digital content. Over Unicode tammil Government websites.

This gave rise to private, non-standard solutions, and to a large number of proprietary codes for fonts. A speech to text system for Sinhala will also be developed.

The objective of this project is to develop a text-to-speech system specifically for Sinhala and for Sri Lanka Tamil. Therefore documents produced using one application could be accessed and used only through that application.

Unicode fonts are needed to discourage users from using legacy, non-Unicode fonts. Proliferation of Sinhala and Tamil blogs.

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