Maiyya scolds her if she sent Meethi to take food to her mother-in-law. Maiyya says you seem in too much hurry to change the rules and regulations of this house to me. RK closes in on Madhu.. He gets up and goes to get fresh! I believe him completely. RK asks Madhu to answer his question.. Welcome, Login to your account. Your wife is ill so it is your responsibility to take care of her.

Kajri becomes worried and realises Meethi has gone upstairs in the storeroom to get the lamp. Self respect can go to hell. Akash is still on his way while Nirbhay is shown approaching Meethi. She is walking out n runs into Madhu n says.. Nirbhay lashes out that she has decided that she will do as she likes. She speaks too much.

Meethi repeats this is what the wedding vows mean right. RK starts to loose control and rams into a tree.!

Radha asks what do u mean? Is my husband about to hurt her somehow?

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Maiyya scolds her if she sent Meethi to take food to her mother-in-law. Madhu receives the call.!

Nirbhay nods and both 13ty upstairs. RK opens the door n the girl gets in! She says n he says no. Madhu asks RK to let her go.! And if you try to stop me again I will directly go to the police station and file a complaint against you.

Saturday, 20 April Uttaran 19th April Written. See I love you a lot that is why I am just warning you not to go there again.

Dips says thank God.! He retorts not anymore. Mukta was sitting next to her. His all relations will become mine too. She has come here for the first time. The bike rider finally helps RK get out. He offers money, Saying, plz belive mei have very less money that i have earned without doing anything wrong. This is what the wedding vows mean right.

Meethi and Kajri are in the kitchen. Madhubala isgq ishq ek junoon. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She asks him to remove it.

I have full faith in her she wont. She receives the phone n Paddo asks Apdil what is happening n what is Madhu doing at the mansion! RK says ur here? RK stammers and says. RK asks Madhu to answer n Madhu says.

She asks Rathore if he got any news about Meethi? He gets call about the girl running off from hosp n talks of RKs accident! Newer Post Older Post Home. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sign in Recover your password.

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Madhu comes n switches off the TV n says. Who has asked you to serve her? RK is not lifting the phone. Nirbhay gives evil looks. Whatever happens to me or for whatsoever reason he will never lock me in a room ever! Everyday some new incident. RK arrives with the girl in tow n calls out to Madhu! She would miss her for sure.