It might not be love yet but he feels some attraction towards her And bread-ahjussi is soooo sweet!!! I really don’t get this couch casting thing. Since I skip some scenes e. When SJH was feeling so useless and at a loss when LSS left for lack of a better word him without understanding why he’s feeling that way, I felt his inner conflict. Plus, we kick up a few new conflicts and advance our relationships, taking us a nice step forward. On the upside, at least Hye-shin finds it funny and chokes back a laugh. With more people finding out secrets, we get more action and development up in this joint, shaking it free of that slow bout of sitting and moping we had for a while.

But, really, I was looking for him to save that flower. FF button was abused this week for this show. I really wish there wasn’t a path of reconciliation with Miryung. For me-again, this is just my own opinion- I felt that Jun Ho did end up wanting to help Soon Shin even after the fact that Soon Shin found out about the bet, because he told her to go find him if she ever wanted him to sign her again, but also, just like Soon Shin said ” Looks like an affair is brewing with JH’s dad too. Mi-ryeong says it looks like he has feelings if he defends Soon-shin this way. I am loving this show.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 17 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

If she wants to be a “true” mom, she should be encouraging SS lee soon shin is the best episode 16 recap be the best and push MR’s face in it! I can’t stand exes that think they have a right to get their former partner back after they have treated him like shit. It isn’t that the characters are dense, it’s just they are too self-engrossed to feel or even realise they are able to get out of their rut. May 3, June 8, She’s sshin clear to him his actions have hurt her and she’s told him to leave her alone, and then walked off both in the bench scene and the mountain scene, and also hanging up on him on the phone.

Almost too friendly, in fact. Wouldn’t call it my fav but still Looks like an affair is brewing with JH’s dad too.

Then there’s Mi-Ryung, I’m sorry but what a horrible woman. I too thought theses episodes were somewhat tedious. His hair makes me embarrassed.

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 16 Recap

Actually happy that that particular thread moved quite fast, with Hye Shin knowing it now too. Joon-ho marches up to her. It’s just a matter of time. I expect to see lots of flashbacks to her miserable life in orphanage etc. So I am sorry. I think that’s the best thing about a long drama. I can see how it’s. YS overreacts, but I feel like we’ve seen enough of her good side to still like her.

You’re the Best Lee Soon-shin, Episodes 17-40: Episodes of Nothingness

But of course she does, and repeats led ugly words Mi-ryung said and makes them even uglier, sadly. And finally, holy crap Mi-ryung is cold. Even though she did cry and apologize to mom, she is so selfish and insensitive.

Its a nice touch though. Lew all, Soon-Shin doesn’t even have a clue about her birth secret. Hhh love can’t wait. She will do it eventually though, right? Whatever problems I have with his character, I still think Jo has an amazingly natural way of illustrating nervousness, frustration, impatience, and awkward emotional conflict.

Yi-ung shows off her Yeon-ah scarf and the selca of them together to her mother who ele excited. We have not yet reached the halfway episode thus i feel like YA will recede her earlier ultimatum regarding the break lee soon shin is the best episode 16 recap. KDaddict May 2, at 8: She can pursue and meddle well, I won’t enjoy it, really, exes that think they have “rights” in particular when they are the ones that walked out for whatever reason, are one of my biggest pet peeves in dramaswhat I want is a Jun-ho that hopefully now has come to realisation that you can’t go back to the past and that when it’s over, it’s over.

Thanks for the recap!

I actually episodde the possible terror those two can come up with. Brought to Life By Its Leads 0. Except the ladies are totally fangirling the lee soon shin is the best episode 16 recap guys.

Sigh, if you only knew. Mi-ryeong assures Jung-ae that Soon-shin will quit eventually and asks that Jung-ae not contact her anymore.

Rather than just having her making the bet, and then get annoyed when the guy actually takes her up on it. Although go Chan Woo for making is firm that he has a girlfriend, bosses daughter or not! At one point, even willing to give her away and mad at mom for being in any way nice to the daughter she raised. The delicious irony to punish that wicked woman later on, for her to squirm in anguish Drama Recaps Greasy Melo: Besides the death of her husband, the stunned belief in his betrayal which she thinks pee the entire marriage, making it all a sham and a liethe conflicted emotions that come from meeting SS’s biological mom, there is the seemingly small but significant detail lee soon shin is the best episode 16 recap she stayed away from home for 24 hours, and nobody even knew she hadn’t come home that night.

Once outside hey, is that the Nice Guy hospital? You made it worse.