LDSS (Rev. 04/) FRONT. NEW YORK STATE. OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES. STATEWIDE CENTRAL REGISTER DATABASE. 15 Jan Agency Use Only. ALL INFORMATION MUST BE COMPLETE. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE. SCR USE ONLY. REQUEST I.D.: LDSS FRONT. Instructions for Completing the Statewide Central Register Database Check Form . LDSS – ALL information on the form must be easily read so that data.

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To receive ldss-3370 registration packet or obtain further information, you may call the SCR ldss-3370 Child care resource and referral programs may lds-s3370 database checks on persons to be included in a list of substitute child day ldss-3370 caregivers where the ldsss-3370 care resource and referral program maintains such a ldss-3370.

The responsibilities under section a of the Social Services Law are not new and have not changed. All New York State NYS approved preschool special education and school-age residential providers, including approved programs and ldss-33770 that contract with related ldss-3370 providers, must comply with section a of the Social Services Law.

Those approved preschool special ldss-3370 programs and municipalities which currently have Resource Ldss-3370 Numbers RIDs and Access Codes may continue to use them.

Form NY OCFS LDSS Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank – PDFfiller

ldss-3370 Ldsx-3370 contact the appropriate regional office for the county in which your day ldss-3370 program is located. Authorized Agencies must clear prospective foster parents, prospective adoptive ldss-3370, and persons age 18 or older who ldss-3370 in the homes of those applying to be foster parents ldzs-3370 adoptive parents.

OCFS must clear applicants to receive, board, or keep children ldss-3370 foster homes or family homes certified or approved by OCFS, and persons age 18 or older who reside in such homes.

Adoption Agencies from states other than New York may clear prospective adoptive parents where such agencies will place into New York for adoption ldss-3370 foreign born eligible orphan child with non-quota immigrant status under applicable federal law.

Ldss-3370 you do not know the name of your licensing representative or do not know how to contact your licensing representative, please see ldss-3370 attached list that shows contact information for the OCFS day care regional offices.

OCFS must clear applicants to operate day care centers and school-age child ldsss-3370 programs where ldss-3370 centers and programs will be operated ldss-3370 individuals.

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OCFS has developed the online ldss-3370 system to ldzs-3370 the timeliness and accuracy ldss-3370 searches of the SCR database. Individuals proposing to operate day care centers and school-age child care programs may not submit clearance requests concerning themselves directly to the SCR.

OCFS piloted ldss-3370 new online system in multiple child care settings and it is currently in full operation in a large sector of the day ldss-3370 community, as well as numerous child welfare agencies and local social service districts under the auspices of OCFS.

OCFS ldss-3370 now ready to implement the online clearance system with other State agencies and, over the next several weeks, no longer plans to routinely use the paper process. The name, address and telephone number of your organization and a contact person lddss-3370 your organization; A statement of ldss-3370 of the categories listed your organization falls ldss-3370 The name and telephone number of a contact person in your licensing agency who can verify the status of your organization; and A copy of your license, certification or other official documentation of lvss-3370 ldss-3370 the relevant State or local agency.

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Serving the New York City Boroughs: Individuals proposing to operate day care centers and school-age child care programs will submit clearance requests concerning their staff directly to the SCR; see below.

If your organization ldss-3370 not fit in any of the categories described in the attachment, but ldss-3370 believe you are legally authorized to access the database ldss-3370 process, please ldss-3370 OCFS at ocfs.

If you operate any of the program types listed in the attachment, other than a day care program and do not have a Ldss-3370, please send an electronic e-mail request to OCFS ldss-3370 ocfs.

Family and group family day care homes have no authority to conduct their own database checks ldss-3370 should not submit database check ldss-3370 directly to ldsz-3370 SCR. All other concerns are on the 24th ldss-3370. OCFS must clear applicants ldss-3370 be providers of family or group family day ldss-3370, assistants to such providers, and persons age 18 or older who reside in homes where family or group family day care will be provided.

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The entities listed below ldss-33370 submit database checks on prospective employees of and providers of ldss-3370 and services to residential facilities operated by the program where such employees and providers have the potential for regular and substantial contact with children cared for by the center or program.

We appreciate your cooperation in using ldss-3370 new online ldss-3370 system to ensure the health and safety ldss-3370 the students you serve.

OCFS has developed a desk ldss-3370, instructions, and registration packet available at: If you have questions about your CCFS lsss-3370, please contact your day care ldss-3370 representative. Cort Jackie Bumbalo Ldss-3370 J. The purpose of this memorandum is to inform you of online enhancements the Ldss-3370 of Children and Lfss-3370 Services OCFS ldss-3370 made to its database check system of the Statewide Central Register SCR for purpose of employment, certification, or licensure in the child care field.