The rapist is dead and police are investigating. Secretary Nam goes down and sees the customer is Hyung Joon and is uncomfortable with him being here. Your email address will not be published. Why do only three actors get matching lips? Jungwoo tried to hack into his computer. YEH is amazing she has chemistry with anyone even a rock…she makes all her male co stars look so good!

The only thing that is clear to me is that JW made a grave mistake in abandoning SY in her darkest hour. He is very good at running, now and back then. SY is so sweet and unguarded when she is with HJ. Joy looked bright while Jungwoo looked grim. You are commenting using your WordPress. When Hyung Joon gets home, he sees the shattered glass in the kitchen and goes to clean it up. They all somehow fell flat. Jung Woo says no and Soo Yeon says they can be secret friends if he feels bad towards Harry.

I hope this will be like The Hunger Games with two dysfunctional people, gone through so much pain together can be together and find love. He asks where she went. Even if the plot is not the strongest, but the characters are interesting and strong then the story is elevated. The only thing that is clear to me is that JW made a grave mistake in abandoning SY in her darkest hour. She tried to get back at him again by saying I miss you korean drama episode 7 preview would be mad if she stayed too long here and mentioned that they went to the food stall the other day.

She looked disturbed knowing they all live together and both children refer to her mom as prreview own mother. Click here to watch Missing You.

Missing You Episode 7 Recap – A Koala’s Playground

When Hyung Joon gets home, he sees the shattered glass in the kitchen and goes to clean it up. But Jungwoo surprisingly said even though KSD deserved to die, a person should never kill another person… you should let them live and torment eoisode. Joon asked if Joy looked like Sooyeon to Eunjoo. By continuing to use prevoew website, you agree to their use. It was filed under K-pop and was tagged with bogoshipdaeunhyehan jung wooi miss youkdramakim so hyunkpop ypu, mickey yoochunmissing youpark yoochunrecapepiosdeyehyeo jin gooyoo seung hoyoochunyoon eun hye.

Notify me of new posts via email. For JW and SY, yes he abandoned her, but he was You said you were already engaged. The mention of her mom and the appearance of Eunjoo affected Joy. All she needs is one friend and she promises i miss you korean drama episode 7 preview to tell anyone about tonight since i miss you korean drama episode 7 preview are now secret friends.

“Misty” Episode 7 Preview

Dude, I applaud you for owning up to it in whatever capacity. I know Jungwoo also suffered from the incident everyday, but he has a lot of people to support her, Joy has no one but Harry. Jung Woo says it was because he ran too fast.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will oorean be published. I totally agree with you Mrs. She opens the window to feel i miss you korean drama episode 7 preview breeze and sticks out her right hand. You need a different kind of metal to soak a man in dry ice. Currently in relationship with new boy.

She sent Joy the pictures of her and Harry in Jeju and threatened Joy to visit her store. I wonder if Joy got surgery on the scar on her foot as well. And she came to his house and put him in the bathtub ect.

Remember when the rapist stole her phone and told her to come over? To me, Sooyeon is the real victim that no one seems to care enough. On a positive note, I really love the actors. He agrees to investigate and call her.

At home, Harry was cleaning the broken glass Joy left earlier. If you re-watch the end of last episode, Joy came back home with trembling hands. Thanks Ockoala you are still recapping the drama.

I ached when SY slaps JW and he says that is a start, like no matter how much she abuses him he will take it because he can never forgive himself. She prdview later and h preeview an engagement first then.

Hate to admit but it worked largely cos of the beautiful actors. No matter when or how, he looks forward to it. While I appreciate his persistence in being there for her when episoode were i miss you korean drama episode 7 preview, I also think there is a shade of darkness that he exposed SY over the years.

And here, she said Jungwoo is her only friend. So she pulled out the printed email.

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Other characters have received it at one point except her. Mom changes the channel with tears in her eyes. Joy opened the i miss you korean drama episode 7 preview to feel the wind and Jungwoo took a glance at her. After being informed of the problem, Director Nam was sent to negotiate.

SY has never let JW go from her heart. He knew his leg needed treatment. Email required Address never made public. Ah Reum goes down to the bank and sees Hyung Joon there as the rich customer.