Bellows from trying to convince her husband that he is not in space. Jeannie was knocked unconscious and cannot escape through the drilled holes, so Tony finishes the combination and opens the safe, freeing Jeannie. Since Tony is scheduled to leave for Alaska on a mission, Dr. Jeannie forgets this and blinks in to hug Tony. Jeannie does not realize that Tony is not allowed to endorse products. Roger thinks Jeannie is pregnant and tells Tony and the base. Jeannie then makes Roger irresistible to all women, including Mrs.

Jeannie’s sister, hearing of the marriage, decides to split Jeannie and Tony up for good by impersonating Jeannie and starting a relationship with another handsome officer played by Michael Ansara. When Tony finds out he has inherited an English castle, he takes Jeannie and Roger along to check it out. Jeannie joins the Air Force with the hopes of working closer to her Master. Roger thinks Jeannie is pregnant and tells Tony and the base. The ending is reused from season 3 episode “Tony’s Wife”. Bellows finds out, he tries to get Tony to give the recipe to a dietician played by Reta Shaw Jeannie asks her mother for the recipe, but when Tony tries to make it, it results in people losing their inhibitions instead!

Going episde a one-way street in the wrong direction, she is stopped by Patrolman Don Anderson Alan Hewitt. Don Ho as Himself. As he risks his life for love of Jeannie, Jeannie refuses to be queen and leaves. Bellows sees Tony napping on a chair that is floating off of the floor.

I Dream of Jeannie, Season 3

Bellows offers him some wine. Meanwhile, Suzie, having decked herself out in hippie garb, ducks into Tony’s house to avoid her father’s wrath. Jeannie turns out to be mischievous, a little innocent and very much in love with her master. The Blood of a Jeannie.

Astronauts were actually housed in a Mobile Quarantine Facilitywhich was placed aboard the recovery ship. After seeing a picture of Tony, the devious and cunning sister traps Jeannie in her bottle and tries to make Tony her master.

Now Jeannie must outwit the doctor before Tony gets put in the hot seat at work. Jeannie has stars in her eyes when Tony goes out to dinner with a famous screen actress Nancy Kovack in Hollywood.

Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. I Dream of Jeannie had a premise of astronaut Tony Nelson finding a beautiful, blond year-old genie in a bottle after a flight. Seeing her trick of appearing inside a mirror, they want her on the show.

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When the guest finally arrives epissode a taxi he was fed up of Major Healey not knowing the way. Butch Patrick guest stars as Richard. Some episodes were released on I dream of jeannie season 5 episode 17.

Jeannie’s sister, hearing of the marriage, decides to split Jeannie and Tony up for good by impersonating Jeannie and starting a relationship with another handsome officer played by Michael Ansara.

One Day at a Time I Dream of Jeannie is an American fantasy sitcom starring Barbara Eden as a 2,year-old genie and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love and whom she eventually marries.

Ron Masak as Joe. I Dream Of Jeannie.

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Tony is asked to escort a i dream of jeannie season 5 episode 17 princess Gila Golan for three days, but the assignment turns into a royal pain when Jeannie sees a picture of the woman and realized that their families are long-time enemies—and that she is obliged by oath to kill her. Jeannie gets jealous when Dr. George Webb” in the closing credits. Milton Frome appears as the grocer. As genies have red and green blood, Roger masquerades his arm as Jeannie’s so that she can get a certificate of perfect health to be eligible to marry Tony.

Unfortunately, at the exact same time Jeannie pays a visit to a local computer dating service operator who she fixes Roger up with a voluptuous creature named Laverne herself, played by Elaine Giftos. A young Dabney Coleman has a small role. Bellows but Tony thinks Dr.

A man at the jeweler’s store Ned Glass steals Tony’s wallet so Jeannie blinks the jeweler’s store into his office. Jeannie turns him into a human Larry Storch.

Jeannie casts a spell on the piano in the Cocoa Beach officer’s club, making Tony appear to be a musical virtuoso when he sits down to play.

Tagging along is Jeannie’s magical mutt Djinn-Djinn, who takes an instant dislike to Jupiter.

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Jeannie doesn’t realize that and, feeling sorry for the artist, repairs it. Claudio Guzman James Henerson 3 March 5.

Jeannie’s sister horns in. Trouble is, it’s the piano and not Tony that is issuing forth the beautiful music. Tony and Jeannie, who were about to leave, are shocked when Dr. Jeannie conjures up an anniversary celebration which results in Tony finding the evil djinn Michael Ansara who imprisoned her into her bottle 2, years earlier.

Jeanie happens to be nominated as the recording secretary of the officer’s wives association and tries to get Tony nominated as the best husband when he is at a mission, causing him to appear at two places at i dream of jeannie season 5 episode 17 same time.

George Conway” identified as “Lt. Jeannie and Tony catch on and, locking her sister in the oof, Jeannie comes in her sister’s form, blaming the identity confusion on a blonde wig.