But over Christmas, I bought one. If it does land on physical media, that would be great, but all you have to do is glance over to Netflix to note that their movies like Okja , Death Note , and War Machine have no physical releases planned. But surely, Air Force One , the fifth-highest grossing film of , would be available on a streaming service. Yes, standard iTunes usage rules apply. I am currently downloading the my Digital Copy of the Dark Knight. Find More Posts by Wings Digital Copy codes definitely expire for the itunes version.

Some people, like myself don’t have enough room on a computer each movie can take between gbs of room at a time or share a computer. I’d put the disc in my laptop, enter some code, and then I had a digital copy on my computer. Where do I find my Digital Copy redemption code? The code I was sent, I could have and did enter into iTunes directly, to redeem my copy. Redeeming to get a code I already had A few days later, Universal’s support sent a new code to use. The bad news is that it quickly became clear that Universal had sent me into a redemption hell that I didn’t need. Originally Posted by Wings They generate all the valid codes in advance, and print them on the inserts for the releases

There was a little flier in the case, with a URL leading to the redemption area at Universal Studios, that provided multiple redemption choices:. Do digital copies expire? laxt

Want to loan it to a friend? I haven’t done it yet because I have so many digital copies of other movies, I don’t use the ones I already have. Only the iphone or ipod touch.

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I fired off a support request and hoped for the best. Enter your unique Authorization Code from the package insert. This comes to some people putting off on the Digital Copy or not bothering with it because they lash not own an iPod or other portable video player.

Join Date Sep Posts So, what did going to the Paramount site do to aid my redemption process? Blu-ray Gaming HD Gear.

movise I recently bought an ipad and a mac. Join Date Dec Posts 1. I really wanted those extra features that a physical disk provides. Just the codes expire. How many times can I redeem my Digital Copy? But that code also needs to be there so that it can confirm that it is the right code and also that DB needs to keep how long do digital copies of movies last if it was redeemed or not movjes possibly by who.

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Where do I find my Digital Copy redemption code? Send a private message to Wings I could understand only inserting codes during the initial release as a bonus for people who buy early This website works as follows: Find More Posts by lasr oneill.

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I put in a digital copy of Dark Knight that I got with the original blu release in December of ‘ Login into your account for more information. The “digital copy” provided lf good for two digital copies — one digitak the UltraViolet site and one through either iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, or Windows Media Player.

Some people have noted that this does not work every time but it is worth a try. If I cannot connect to the internet, can I still transfer my Digital Copy to my computer? Illinois Home Theater Gallery: No worries, how long do digital copies of movies last I absolutely want a digital copy, I’ll rip it myself.

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Gotta be about money. There is no limit to the number of times you can watch your Digital Copy. Buy digital, save the headaches All this hassle and for what? There was no need for me to register anything that day, if all I wanted was an iTunes digital copy.

The bureaucracy of digital redemption Getting my digital copy of “Pitch Perfect” turned into a nightmare. Ontario, Canada Blu-ray collection: It also positions getting a digital copy through iTunes or Amazon as an optional, secondary thing “no thanks, maybe later” is the default choice made for you. Seeing as this is a digitao feature that started out small and is now attached to almost every new movie release not all The thing is if there movirs only a copiess time redemption on the how long do digital copies of movies last, why does it have to expire?