Super memory super student harry lorayne

Book Review The memory techniques in this book Super Memory can be helpful to certain people in some subjects of study and can be applied to real life. First, there are a few chapters on how to memorize information relevant to English. Lorayne causes you to amaze yourself. The book Super Memory was written by Harry Lorayne.

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Through this, he can easily memorize formulas for various compounds in chemistry. This allows for critical thinking that can result in a larger capacity of learning in different forms: There are many other systems in the book that all have similar connection like the two presented.

This tiny bit of imagination can truly allow the reader to have fun while studying. Well, Rome fell in so you to connect the numbers with letters.

Super memory--super student

I never thought I could remember so many things in such little time, which is ultimately what he wants I believe that this book was created to help people in school, learn how to remember things better.

These chapters are about very different things but he uses the same trick for all of them. I would recommend this book to anyone who ztudent with memorising stuff and needs help with mind tricks. If you are especially using these systems in order to remember numbers or words in sequence it can cause catastrophe.

Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days by Harry Lorayne

I know for a fact sfudent even though I did not use just those techniques his ideas impacted my view on memory greatly and I really support that. The book talks about a bunch of different studying methods used to remember information. The link system connects words and letters to things like a number of symbols and can make memorizing things a lot easier. It is a unique approach to the modern way of studying.

When we actively think about something or can make an hqrry between two things, we greatly increase out ability to recall the information. The author explains that this is system when one tries to remember a word or words, he uses a word that sounds similar to it in order to remind the person what word they are supposed to remember at that time, hence the system name association.

There are various memory activities in the book to see if you can try out the methods that are given to you and use them.

Harry Lorayne has different techniques for different things, but he also explains different techniques for similar situations. One example can be the memorization of vocabulary words and foreign words.

Super Memory - Super Student : How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days

Being able to connect the information with a phrase or story creates a deeper understanding involving the topic or subject. I think that if he went into more detail and was more simple with his strategies, they would be easier to grasp and they wouldn't make things harder rather than easier. One main one being, that the more you over study you are more likely to forget the information.

In all seriousness sstudent, I still remember and use the linking exercises that he talked about and want to do my own little review of the topic again.

Another example are how bad yarry are more memorable than good memories, showing that items that are bad or ridiculous stand out more than items that are good or logical. I finally really like how he states that it is all up to the reader if he or she would like the methods that he explains in the book. This book gives a fascinating exploration about the process that lets students raise their grades in some of the hardest subjects, such as, History, English, Chemistry, and so many more.

In chapter 4, Lorayne immediately dives into the most simple way to memorize things: The book started off with describing one of the methods. These word associations Argument 1: We read this book to try and better in our memory and help us do better on tests and stuent. After reading Chapter 10, which was about memorising words, I felt a lot more comfortable with memorising new words. The author wrote this book because he wanted students to be successful in school with the memorization methods he came up with.

That is easy to memorise because 12 months in a year and days in a year etc. If it can help my study habits it can for sure help yours.

The third and last skill in learning information is to picture the information in absurd and weird phrases and situations. The book Super Memory was written by Harry Lorayne. Substituting words with different words and numbers help wuper remember them easier. Simply putting numbers for every single letter is extremely hard to keep track of if you need to remember 20 words for a quiz for example.

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