You’re the one who at first sight reminded me that my heart exists. I did understand the meaninig of your sentence, knowledge and not race Everyone has been very polite in their requests so far. Hello Latifa and sorry to disappoint you. I really appreciate everything that you have done! Kerim described LOVE in that 20 seconds..

And is there an unclear part you want help with? He was crying “Don’t tell my mom anything. Why would the police come here otherwise? So, you shouldn’t give up and try to learn how to get the subtitles and the video work together. Will she be able to begin a new life? Let me take you downstairs. Why were it saying “click here”. When I read the synopsis, I was extremely skeptic.

Fatmagülün Sucu Ne Bölüm Part 2 with subtitles | Amara

Well gee, ain’t that romantic! I usually don’t care much about any other plot lines except the main ones, but I loved the Jasaran family and their inner power struggles. Go To Topic Listing Others.

I scuu tried so many different things to download the show and have it with the subs. Posted February 22, I celebrated it [seriously] fatmqgulun cherries. Then open the Video first with the Player and then Drag and Drop the subtitle into the Video, it should work. But I think we should start to pack up as well. But the show did an excellent job at portraying the trauma, the pain and the emotional struggle Fatmagul is going through.

Go to media open network stream and past url and it will begin streaming to add the subtitles: That’s why I wrote a guide to explain the steps but I’m not very good at explaining apparently: I’m gonna stop here And special call out goes to the actress playing Mukades – now that would win her an Emmy if she were American. Here are websites you might be interested in: When you press “click here”, a window episodf up, dont press open, pres “save” If you already have Java, sutbitles restart your browser and try again.

You’re the one who at fatmagulun sucu ne episode 20 part 2 english subtitles sight reminded me that my heart exists.

However, he will name his own price. I used the method s I’ve been using so far because they were the easiest and least time consuming choices for me. If I did I apologize.

Sign In Sign Up. Thank you in advance: Let me take you downstairs. Thank you from the depths of my heart For this kind of great effortsThat add happiness to our hearts Best regards. I remove the old version then instaled anew one and but it didnet work so I tried another way from utube and it didnet work also I dont Know where is the proplem? I don’t really know if it’s worth it.

I am in love with Beren Saat. I downloaded the youtube video as u suggested with keepvid.

Thanks for the replies everyone. To load the video: I found away to download by vlc player in utube http: Yes please Erkan bc i am having lots o f problems with suvu The acting across the board was stellar, so good at times, I wondered if the actors were ad libbing. Yes, I did it. Thanks again and wish you all the best from Algiers.

Save it on your computer You cannot understand my surprise.

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