Opendocman users manual

The latest version of the OpenDocMan is version 1. Skip to main content. I was able to extract the archive even though it was. This is certainly showing that the developer of the OpenDocMan not really think about what the user need.

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It could be that your php is either not running properly, or that the configuration for your index options are incorrect. Log in to Reply. Has lot of bugs.


Other than that, there are also others function such as the user can manage whether to delete the document or who can access the document. So I have to go back to home and there will be a sign under the search button show the document that I upload need to be reviewed.

Thanks again and good luck. This is certainly giving disadvantages to the user when they are havingsome issues or problem regarding the OpenDocMan. Help Center Find new research papers in: The latest version of the OpenDocMan is version 1. Other than that, there are also errors when I delete manua, document that I upload it still appears to be reviewed but if I click it once again to delete it there was an error for permission to delete, so that are one of the weakness of the Opendocman software.

Click here to sign up. Effectiveness Apart from that, the effectiveness of this software showed when we upload the document it will be arranged according to ascending number and once the document has been delete the number was never used back again. There will always no result found when I search the article back.

He stated that OpenDocMan is released in under the GPL license, and has a growing community of international users including individuals, small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and government agencies. This opencocman certainly showing that the developer of the OpenDocMan not really think about what the user need.

With this user can easily understand and follow the instruction of the user manual. Function ereg is deprecated in C: Skip to main content.

Memorability It is very easy for the experienced user to memorize all the function, because this software has a very simple interface. Download file is only kb.?


Cannot open the archive, downloads as opendocman I have tried several mirrors with the same result. Lawrence said that OpenDocMan is designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and reliable.

When I do that, all it appears is the list of files, but nothing else happens. Though the datadir does show the correct poendocman date and I do see a dat file in it.

OpenDocMan Users Manual

Clarity The user manual has a low clarity as the user manual does not contain all the instructions needed in order to use the OpenDocMan easily. The criteria are usability and there are five fractions under it, which is learnability, memorability, efficiency, effectiveness, error proneness. Hi, I have installed the Apache, Mysql and PHP, and the installation page was opened successfully, and it redirect me to the login page, but when i tried to login it generates the following error: Apache is the most popular web server online.

And I as a new user of the software can adapt with the interface they provide it. Please do some more testing. This product does not work. This is giving them hard time to solve the issue as usually first time user will refer to the user manual when they facing some issue.

Log In Sign Up. Quality Based from our experience as a user, unfortunately the OpenDocMan do not provide high quality user manual and it also uesrs free of charge thus making it hard for the user to understand how the OpenDocManworks.

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