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Only a few songs could have been on either album, depending on the vocal approach. This album does all three, and does it very, very well. And all of it is constructed upon the rhythm section, consisting, as usual, of Aires Pereira on bass and Mike Gaspar on drums - while they do not steal the show most of the time, they know how to carry the music forward, whether it requires a thunderous, charging rhythm on Alpha Noir, or the more subtle, sophisticated playing on Omega White.

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Very full throated, he sounds like a raging beast out to kill. Omega White, on the other hand, is the first record in a longer while since Darkness and Hope would be my estimation which puts emphasis on the more melodic and I even dare say poetic side lmega the band - no evil growls this time around, riffs are more rock than extreme metal by far, and the whole album is pretty much filled with melancholy.


The skin gave omeg lamb away, the stars are hiding in the shade, sweat running down the riverbed, tonight I sleep in the chamber of the wgite.

Hanging Garden I Am Become. Some songs are a little heavier, however; "White Skies", "Herodisiac" and "Sacrificial" are the main "rockers" here, slightly faster and heavier than the rest and with some infectiously catchy choruses. However, that would mean missing out on Moonspell doing what they do best: The bass is given its sonic place is the mix, though it isn't as focused on as some of their earlier albums, it mainly works to fill in the sound as the guitars move across the fretboard.

This record might please to gothics and those modern fans that rather liked the calmer stuff of the wlpha and not their black metal roots or their progressive era. The songs sound fresh, catchy, like if the band members had more fun recording them. It's actually amusing the fact I used to dismiss Moonspell so much and eventually they become one of my favorite bands.

This album has not much to do with metal music and sounds like a calmer and more progressive hommage to bands such as Paradise Lost, Type 0 Negative or The 69 Eyes. Seriously, 'Herodisiac' is such nor good song, it starts great, but then the chorus starts and the good impression flies out the window. Login Create a Profile. It was actually impressive seeing a band evolving that much. When I found out this was a double album, I was a little hesitant, as I was hoping that it wouldn't contain a lot of filler.

It's essentially the most human incarnation of the band in history, and closes the album on an immensely powerful note.

Venom Storm The Gates. One of the most cryptic ideas this year, no doubt. The track sounds like a slowed down version of Dimmu Borgir plus ,oonspell melancholic elements that could come from Novembers Doom, Paradise Lost or The Old Dead Tree which are three very good references. Omega White is much more memorable than Alpha Noir. Seriously, more bands should do bass intros, it sets the tension at ultra-high level since the beginning.

Some of noor most monumental moments of Alpha Noir are built upon the drums, such as my two favourite, discussed to death already examples of the choruses of "Grandstand" and the title track, and then we have for example the soft, refined drumming in "Fireseason" which gives the track that slight folky feel together with the ,oonspell guitar.

Same goes for a song like the title track, which also has some ideas similar to their last album, just minus the heavy keyboards.

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I thought I was the only one to think that Night Eternal was a miss. Personally, I would have gotten rid of some moonsspell the weaker tracks my suggestions: It moves with such a grace and delicacy, and here we have a simple, yet pretty guitar solo. After this controversial first impression, the best tracks can be whiye later on that disc. Especially for those of you who took the time to read my other reviews as well.

It's still easier to approach as "Axis Mundi" and fits to the upcoming tracks on this second half of Moonspell's new release. Or at least that's my understanding of them. Basically, it's really, really good, and highlights the strengths of both moonspdll perfectly - Alpha Noir sounds fucking massive and heavy, with a sound which is tight and modern but also sharp and gritty, while Omega White is more subtle, guitars are slightly further back, giving more space to keyboards and vocals.

The single "White Skies", as "Lickanthrope" on the other disc, is one of the weaker songs on this disc and would rather fit on a record by The 69 Eyes. When I die there will be a final waltz in my head that only I can hear.

MOONSPELL Alpha Noir / Omega White reviews

Furthermore, they wanted to challenge themselves; challenge themselves in the sense that they were going to rip apart the two sides of omeg musical yin-yang; their brighter yet melancholic side and their evil and ferocious side. Out of the 8 songs on here, there are a few which strike me better then others, but there isn't anything I would skip over. Behold the gloom bride coming, riding the tail of the star, beware the time of the kill.

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