Skins s06e04

Aggressive behaviour at college? You leave her alone. You look good in my garms. At least they planted that seed a tiny bit last series. Are you with Luke?

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I think she's able to be herself a bit more around Alo, who's way more accepting of her.

Skins s06e04 Episode Script

Hey, there are no dress rehearsals in life, my darling. Don't you ever wonder what it all means? It's like they just needed something for Nick to do. Franky's on safari, mate.

Skins UK S06 E04 Franky - Dailymotion Video

And I'm fucking sick of it, and I just feel like Exploding. Don't walk out again. Er Yeah, why am I? I think maybe she can't do it.

Well, if it isn't Hit'n'run's brother, eh? Don't think so somehow! Wait, what are you doing? Cos in the end of the night We'll be together again You don't need to worry I'll make your bed And in the end of the night I can hold your hand Yes, in the end of the night When I can be with you.

Oh, here she comes. Right, running on the spot, knees to your chest, move it, come on!

We're supposed to be a family, for Christ's sake! I see I'm a bit late to the party here.

It makes a lot more sense than them just getting fucked for no reason. You should count yourself lucky you got someone s06e0 me, cos no-one else will have you, mate. Your dad just meant that we miss you, we miss talking to you.

And we might not be biology, Franky Jesus, you try telling that to my heart. Because I don't belong there anymore. See you around, OK? That makes no sense. What's going on, Luke?

How's my girl today? Pack it Kick me out. Your outstanding taste in men.

I really like Franky and him together. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy W06e04. I want to go back. Hey there, Franky Badass. I said "what", and you smiled like it was fucking hilarious or something. I want to go back to when you were still here. Fuck me, flyweight, you are pretty.

He's just a random, right?

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