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Kibuisa Mpimpa was described as [4] "culturally revolutionary" by observers of African music. As the deputy band leader of Wenge Musica 4x4 Tout Terrain Bon Chic Bon Genre, Werrason was credited with composition of key beats that took the African music scene by storm, bringing in great talents like Ferre Gola to the band and also his energy during live performances. In it Werrason composed the song "Kaskin". He later visited Holland, Brussels, Lyon among others.

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He dedicates a part of his income and spare time to schools, hospitals and prisons.

This period coincided with the time, Werrason wrerason not get [16] European visas for his musical group to go and produce his next album Alerte General and to perform to his fans abroad, who to this day remain one of the key sources of revenue for his band.

Since then, he dedicates part of his time to all the UNESCO campaigns against AIDS and all sorts of discriminations, [9] and in campaigns against early marriages and promoting education for the [10] girl [11] child. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Werradon Mpiana was the first to release his album titled Titanic on whose cover jacket him and his associates are seen escaping with floaters from a large sinking ship.

The album had a theme chant called "mulolo", which was elected Song of the Year, but which until today it is not clear who between Werrason and JB Mpiana, composed though each of the two claim it was their original idea.

Initially, between —, the band was like a holiday hobby for the members who were all students. He loved martial arts and was a martial arts champion by age of Band members begun to align themselves around JB Mpiana the band leader and around Werrason, his deputy.

Vocals, multiple instrumentspercussion. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. During his world tour he shared performances with great African artists among them [12] Manu Dibango who invited him in his concert at the Paris Olympia.

In they begun to curtain raise for then big music performers before they decided to begin recording some of their compositions in Heritier Watanabe once again shone with beautiful songs [23] "Sol demi amour" and "Confession Intime", the young singers Cappuccino Bogard and Eboa Lotin composed beautiful love songs [24] "Point Carre" and [25] "Bula Wa Yo" respectively while his experienced mi-solo guitarist Corean 'Polystar' Acompa, drummer Papy Kakol derrason Mimiche Bass also got a chance to do their own compositions.

Musicians wdrrason to the two rivals exchanged words on stage, [36] with Blaise Bula, who satelllite then aligned to JB Mpiana sarcastically telling Werrason, "my friend, you dream, and in your dreams, you would like to be Blaise Bula, JB Mpiana Alain Makaba Werrason weathered this storm, rebuild his band and secured a lucrative sponsorship deal with [18] Bralima, producers of beer 'Primus'.

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In it Werrason composed the song "Kaskin". It has inspired him to always try to produce very high quality albums and better live shows so as to remain at the [42] top musically. Solola Bien was [3] rewarded with the Golden Record in France. Retrieved Eatellite 19, The album Sous Sol was followed wetrason by another great album Temps Present-Mayi Ya Sika also a double CD with 15 tracks, in which he gave his band members a chance to develop their singing and composition prowess.

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In that album Temps Present — Mayi Ya Sika this was evident as he gave not just the singers, but even werrxson instrumentalists a chance to make their own compositions. Werrason also collaborated with international artists like [13] Shaggy. As the deputy band leader of Wenge Musica 4x4 Tout Terrain Bon Chic Bon Genre, Werrason was credited with composition of key beats that took the African music scene by storm, bringing in great talents satfllite Ferre Gola to the band and also his energy during live performances.

He followed this by another mega performance at [20] Masina.

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Sources of this were, personality clashes, interference from other big bands in Congo that felt threatened by the rise of Wenge Musica BCBG 4x4, disagreements about money and the direction of band and producers and promoters who wished to take advantage of the new stars once they went their separate ways.

The band's tours werrsaon Nairobi and later Abidjan revealed growing tensions in the band. Satelllte from " https: However was the year that Werrason gained international recognition when he composed the song [34] "Kala Yi Boeing", which was also the title of the group album, an album which received international acclaim. In the same year, Werrason also did a large concert at the Stade des [14] Martyrs which was attended by overpeople.

Inthe band released an album, Bouger Bouger that topped charts in Congo for three years and propelled Werrason and his friends to national fame.

For ten years between and the band enjoyed incredible success throughout Africa and Europe. Congo, with Werrason as head.

Werrason was forced to, for the first time, produce an album, Alerte Generale in studios in Congo, which are inferior in quality compared to his favored studios in France. In the tension-filled performance in Ivory Coast's commercial city of Abidjan, Werrason and [35] JB Mpiana could not even share a stage leading to the band doing two-part performances with Werrason and JB Mpiana leading each separate session.

In the Werraeon tour where the band was hosted at the grand Marble Arc Hotel, and performed at among others Carnivore, Club Makuti and Safari Park, when not on stage performing, Werrason kept a low profile and could only be seen in company of Adolphe and Didier Masela.

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