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Tim Clark rated it it was ok May 18, Refresh and try again. Single Synchronized access and transactions ConcurrencyMode.

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The Dead-Letter Queue 9. Completion callback synchronization context 8.

You quickly learn the proper techniques and every example has some real world business use. The Isolated property 7. His statement that WCF is like learning another jhval platform resonated with me. Ambient Transaction Setting 7. Instancing Modes and Transactions 7.

Programming WCF Services, 3rd Edition - O'Reilly Media

At the WCF Master Class, from the very first minute, right through the very last second, we were honored to be subjected to a non-stop top notch stream of 1st class information. I didn't like the author's "I'm the lwoy, so here's how you should do it" tone. Declarative Security Framework View table of contents.

Return to Book Page. Clemens Vasters Foreword by.

None transfer security mode It is read either at compile time or dynamically from the root meta-data and JITed. Actually I have to agree with Juval here. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Basic familiarity with C 4. Juvxl and Exceptions 6. If we take that thinking a small step farther, we can see that the goodness of strong typing and assemblies is actually hurting us on this path, because my types are not as loosely coupled as they should be and it is still hard to share types because you have to share assemblies and compiled code.

Selecting authorization mode Ecf Free Trial No credit card required. More episodes in this series Related episodes However, it is still one system and "owns" all the types as metadata in a very loose way with no assemblies.

Programming WCF Services

David rated it really liked it Jun 02, Workgroup installation and security 9. Passing state information 8. This book will be one of those 'I will use this as a reference handbook' book. The author gives a good number of intricate details about WCF. Streamlining the queued service 9. Transfer Security Mode Configuration Exceptions and Instance Management 6. View table of contents.

One-Way Asynchronous Operations 8. Renato Golia rated it really liked it Feb 05, Service certificate validation Transaction Propagation Modes 7.

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