Nivo jquery slider prestashop module

The module in its default position does not allow to have columns in each site, even if the dimensions are the same than the original PS Slider. I try it on successivly in top then in left then in home it'd working well! This is just a notice, the error variable which stores the error message isn't created because everything went fine.

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Posted October 16, Compatible with Prestashop 1. Unfortunately the Slider Height is still not changing. Posted January 24, Only one question, I'm using also editorial3slider module and it modulf in conflict with minic module, both use the same "Slider" ID in the DIV and minic read the height from editorial slider setup.

Posted December 27, When I install a NivoSlider module, it works at first, but as soon as I rehook it elsewhere it all breaks and the NivoSlider as well as the product slider stops working.

How to use Nivo Slider V in Prestashop - Free Modules & Themes - PrestaShop

Does somebody have a clue why is that?? Exactly the same problem here Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help 1 year free upgrade when new version released 30 days money back guarantee.

By using jquety site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Define that variable can be empty in the minicslider. I have known that the size of image to be added can reach x, but I still do not know the largest and size to be allowed.

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Prestashop Nivo slider module with nice caption animation

I have look at the position and its hooked on: Sign up using Facebook. So many bugs, obvisouly no support and donation required for that modul. Another point is that slide is only loaded in Chrome, not in IE or Firefox, what can it be? Yeah, starting with HOOK TOP maybe wasnt the best idea, i didint thinked that this can confuse so many people, but the best pace for a slider is there. I'm not sure where I change the position, currently it seems to be in sliider header?

Is this ,odule for 1.

Here's what I get: Could it be possible to provide a guide for this? I have a problem with this slider, when I install, slider show on footer, not show sliddr main menu: Is it possible to have some sliders as inactive or offline, if I want it off fore a period, and then online again.

And transplant the one on the hook displayHeader t o the hook: How can it be done, thanks. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I would like to hook the slider into displayHome but it seems that since PS 1.

Thanks Edited October 23, by redtango. This is in home, center it and allowing colums in both sides. Posted November 18, Posted October 17, Posted November 27, Can you tell me please how to position the slider above the columns?

I try it on responsive PS Thanks really the great slider module!

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