She says it is difficult to hold on the relation if trust goes away. Priya says she knows that. Sudhir comes and sees Ram sitting on the stairs. Priya tell him to say straight way what ram told. Priya comes to the Sharma house. Episode ends on their happy hug. Whatever I am is because of you.

Suhani tells her that she enrolled in some course. Priya asks Pihu to finish her breakfast and asks did you finish your homework. Natasha says so you know. The episode starts with Sid coming to his room after his marriage to Juhi. Ram urges her to come home. Ram asks him to say sorry whether he is at fault or not. Uttaran 21st November Written Episode Update. He says Ram was telling about you and Ayesha.

Pihu says I didnt make the drawing as nanu forgets to bring. My life came to an end when Karthik betrayed me and you took care of me. Natasha says what do you expect from you? Ram is shocked and asks, who told her? He says I am not angry with sritten. Natasha opens the door and leaves so that they can talk alone. Sid and Juhi comes to Sharma house and Sid says we came to take you home. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Like 0 Writtej 0. Ayesha replies that khush told her about it.

He says it was just an acting. Mechanic comes and repairs the lift. Sid asks bade acche lagte hain written episode 20th november 2013 Priya. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Priya tells Natasha that she wants to take rest and see to it that nobody disturbs me. Sudhir too wonders what must have happened. They say sorry to each other and Priya says not to tell this even falsely.

Juhi says you said that Ram told you the truth. Ram comes and Priya asks you came here at this time. She closes her eyes in pain. Pihu says I did so many mistakes and you are upset with us.

Scene shifts to Ram house: He says it was a joke and what are you talking about, as you knows everything. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Written Updates: Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th November Written/Video Update

Priya says you are talking like a didi. Sammy tells Suhani that you novembrr good care of your patients. Uttaran 21st November Written Episode Update. Ram says you talk good to give me strength but you are hurt with our planning failing. Juhi says sorry and tries to explain but Priya asks her to stop. Ram is sleeping in his car and is snoring aloud.

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Ram calls the watchman. Priya tells that she will request her teacher to give one day to Pihu to make lagtee drawing. Ram takes Sid wallet and gives money to Gopal kaka and fires him. They had a good laugh. Ram says I want to explain to her about my actions. He asks, why you are sitting here?

Juhi says Priya told that you told her everything and she said by mistake. Mamaji wonders where is Priya? She recalls Ram asking her to write his name with henna.

Priya gets emotional and says she will not go anywhere. Marriage rituals starts for Bovember and Sid as they sits for marriage.

Ram gives tips to Sid. She says Ram and Priya will overcome this problem.