By the way, thank you for the recaps! Well, he only intended on kidnapping Arang to get the magistrate here, but apparently Bang-wool got in the way so they brought her too. There’s absolutely no need to run down the other just to push up the other CaroleMcDonnell September 20, at 3: You will receive a link to create a new password via email. And after that he’ ll have love affair with one of his faries. Regarding eunoh being saved by jade.

Kiara September 20, at 7: Thanks for the recap, I still have some Arang catching up to do since I’ve been marathoning Answer Me and going through Gaksital withdrawal. So if not friend, then savior. Different with animal in earth Ooh, I like this line of questioning. The chase-a-thon heads into town. Sign of a good actor doing his craft well. But since we have good reliable remaining subbers we are really grateful to them.

Ahhh, what a cute, heartfelt ending.

Hopefully recaps will be up before I leave for work tomorrow night. I sound like I’m griping.

In a world of gods and ghosts, reincarnation is reasonable with gods in charge of rewards, and character-wise, perfect for the mere mortals they only are. I thought this episode rehashed a bit too much. There’s not enough good things to say about this arang and the magistrate korean drama sinopsis episode 4. I still don’t get it I want that flashback so badly. She gets to the crux of magistrage matter: Emmy October 19, at 3: The fruit, the offerings, etc, is probably more Wuism–since I recognize aspects of it in Muism Korean Shamanism.

Rosebread September 19, at 9: Why do you hate this world world so much? She gasps out his name, though, asking to be put down.

A page wipes itself, then the answer appears. Hey it could be a reason in the land of k drama. Shin min ah’s character reminds me of gumiho – both ghostly creature lolol. He traces the steps and finds the markings, and compares. Those who serve the citizens well will be promoted. I am pretty sure Eun Oh didn’t drink from the well becos he was just teasing her at the end If not aramg wouldn’t have shown the adult version of them lol.

Can’t wait for more!

Arang and the magistrate korean drama sinopsis episode 4 October 19, at This is a mental journey rather than a physical transportation, and Eun-oh shakes Arang awake in the forest, wiping her tears and urging her to get a hold of her mind. I think this is what most people meant when they say the ending felt a little flat; for me, the resolution settled quite uncomfortably in the stomach, like a slightly undigested meal.

They way sunopsis pulled our emotions with his sophisticated impressive facial expression is superb. Eun-oh half-scoffs at the incredible story — why does only she get this treatment?

SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode Episode Terakhir

Joo-wal comes by to witness the rest of the scene, though nobody pays him any drwma. More like, “I’m sharing my lips. I LOVE you arang and the magistrate korean drama sinopsis episode 4 to pieces! And Dtama on board with your Choi-theory, I think it’s a revenge deal – mom gets her revenge on Choi though we don’t exactly know yet in what form and evil-fairy gets some other revenge thanks to mom and the body-sharing-deal though we don’t know yet for what and on whom She tries to hop the fence and asks Joo-wal for a lift, promising to repay the favor.

SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1-20 Episode Terakhir

And I don’t think they even had to sit in the corner to figure why this ending worked perfectly and RP’s didn’t. This show definitely did both and did both on purpose because Joseon society is like that. This “time” was the “debt” both owed to the Gods. The next day, Eun-oh speaks with an air of finality to Dol-swe and the Bangs, thanking them for looking after him and asking them to keep up their hard work in the future.