Transgender “man” gives birth to baby boy

A transgender “man” living in Portland, Oregon, has just given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Trystan Reese, a transgender man, gave birth to son Leo Murray Chaplow on July 14 after documenting his experiences of pregnancy online.

Reese, 34, was born a female at birth and lived as a woman until his late teens. He began taking hormones around age 20 and started identifying as a man. But Reese said “he” kept all the necessary female parts, so children are still possible.

He met his partner Biff Chaplow, who was born male and identifies as a homosexual, about eight years ago.

Before giving birth to their biological son, they took custody of Chaplow’s sister’s children in 2011.

The couple was featured in an interview on CTV News explaining the process they went through to have the baby.

When asked about how the public has reacted to the couple’s newborn child, and the unconventional relationship the couple holds, Biff said the reaction has been mixed.

He claims those who know them well, including family and friends, realize they are a loving couple with plenty of love to fill the household.

In terms of negative reaction, Biff says the negativity on social media has been significant but that he and Reese pay no attention to the naysayers.

Reese, who came out as a transgender 10 years ago, says he started his online documentation, of the birth so that other couples like him and Biff realize that options are out there waiting for them. “If you want to get married you can, if you want to give birth you can, they are so many more options out there then when we were kids.”

Portland transgender man gives birth to healthy baby boy (VIDEO)